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Rich Uncles converts more leads with Revenue


  • Rich Uncles needed a way to efficiently capture and document notes, outcomes, and next steps from calls between advisors and investors.
  • Rich Uncles experienced difficulties with prior applications that had incomplete or unreliable integrations with Salesforce, leading to incomplete records or inaccessible data that required time and effort to fix.
  • Had a need for incoming callers to be automatically routed to the Salesforce record owner.
  • Sales training needs require that new reps are able to listen in to the calls being made by top-performers.
  • Rich Uncles had a lack of visibility into sales data, which made it difficult to create accurate sales forecasts.


  • RingDNA, the Revenue.io Global Communications Hub
  • Revenue.io’s complete Salesforce integration
  • Revenue.io call flows
  • Revenue.io’s listen-in and call recording features
  • Revenue.io complete analytics suite


  • With Revenue.io, all sales activities, call notes, and next steps are automatically recorded to Salesforce through RingDNA.
  • Complete Salesforce integration that updates in realtime captures and stores 100% of sales data.
  • Through Revenue.io’s streamlined workflows and improved call performance, Rich Uncles achieved a 25 percent close rate.
  • Custom-built call routing solution that seamlessly directs inbound callers to their assigned rep.
  • Listen-in and call recording features allow both new and tenured reps to listen to top performer’s calls and examples of best practices to help with onboarding and overall sales performance
  • Revenue.io analytics suite and standard dashboards allow for accurate sales forecasting with ease.

Rich Uncles is a real estate investment trust that makes direct real estate investment easy and affordable for the smaller investor. Unlike the typical REITs that involve intermediaries like broker-dealers and financial planners that are owned a commission, Rich Uncles works directly with investors, with no commissions, so they can deliver more of the actual investment into their funds. Everyone wishes they had that "rich uncle" to help them get started in investing, and that's exactly what Rich Uncles delivers. They help their customers invest in commercial real estate and/or student housing and with comparatively small amounts of financial commitment.

“The Revenue.io team has been phenomenal. It’s definitely a partnership, they want to come alongside, they want to help figure out what things they can do to increase our productivity.”

Timothy Trainor, VP of Sales Operations, Rich Uncles


Rich Uncles, a REIT with a direct-to-investor business model, needed a reliable sales solution to help them efficiently capture accurate information surrounding calling and outreach activities. They also required complete visibility into their data for more accurate sales forecasts, and had a unique need for a call routing feature that directed inbound callers to their Salesforce record owners for an improved customer experience.

With Revenue.io, Rich Uncles got a real-time Salesforce integration that automatically captures and records all activities to their CRM, saving reps precious time. Rich Uncles also uses Revenue.io’s analytics and reporting dashboards for accurate sales forecasts. Revenue.io custom-built Rich Uncles a call routing solution that seamlessly routes inbound callers to their Salesforce record owner. Overall, Rich Uncles accelerated their sales by increasing the number of calls and connections, resulting in a 25 percent conversion rate.