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How Revenue helps Home Ventures track every campaign and extend reach, helping to fuel their recent acquisition by The Leads Partners


  • Technology Fragmentation: First and foremost, Home Ventures needed to consolidate their systems, technology and databases into one single source of truth to better track and manage their buyers and sellers.
  • Hidden Costs: Their existing local presence provider was charging them five dollars a month for each number, so they were looking for a way to consolidate this service in order to cut costs and save money.
  • Decreased Productivity: They wanted to increase connect rates, agent productivity, and campaign performance across the board.
  • Increased Workflow Complexity: They were previously using RingCentral but needed a more robust all-in-one solution to do everything from campaign tracking to complex workflows and outbound dialing.
  • Distributed and Remote Workforce: With a distributed workforce across the US (California, New York, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Florida), Home Ventures wanted to empower their employees to run their business from anywhere, with just a laptop and headset.
  • Direct Mail Campaign Tracking: Much of the business is fueled by targeted direct mail campaigns, and each direct mailer needed to be uniquely tracked in order to measure the success of each campaign.


  • RingDNA, the Revenue.io Global Communications Hub: Home Ventures employs RingDNA to empower their distributed workforce to work from anywhere with just a headset and a laptop.
  • Revenue.io’s SMS Text functionality: Home Ventures boosts connect rates and establishes rapport much easier with prospects.
  • rRevenue.io Local Presence: Home Ventures localizes their outbound selling motion to boost connect rates with prospects, as geographic proximity is paramount in the real estate space. They also save five dollars per number per month compared to their previous local presence provider.
  • Revenue.io Sales Coaching and Call Monitoring: With real-time call coaching and monitoring, Home Ventures can deliver actionable feedback to their reps and offer executive support around objection handling.


  • Revenue.io ConversationAI: Home Ventures is excited to explore Revenue.io’s ConversationAI solution to ramp new reps faster and enable sales managers to coach smarter and be accountable for setting reps up for success.

The Leads Partners (formerly known as Home Ventures) operates in the real estate space. Early on, their bread and butter was buying houses from homeowners, fixing them up, and then selling them to investors. Now they are a data-driven technology company, and own and manage a robust database of buyers and sellers. They manage these parties and relationships between the parties, do all of the advertising/promotion, call taking, and appointment scheduling involved in making real estate deals happen. They have operations across the US in New York, California, Virginia, Baltimore, Pennsylvania and more.

“Direct mail fuels our business...and with Revenue.io, we can easily assess what direct mail piece is working the best with A/B tested campaigns, and track campaign performance seamlessly...all of Revenue.io’s features are unbelievable. It’s like an all-in-one package.”

Mina Tal-Shahar, Technology Executive in charge of system administration and technology implementation at The Leads Partners (formerly Home Ventures)