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iCracked Uses Revenue to Boost Inbound Sales Productivity by 40%


  • Improve inbound lead response time
  • Optimize the inbound call routing and data capture process in Salesforce
  • Capture 100% of outbound sales calls in Salesforce
  • Quickly scale and train a lead response team


  • RingDNA, the Revenue.io Global Communications Hub
  • Revenue.io Sales Coaching Suite
  • Revenue.io Inbound Call Tracking for Salesforce


  • 40% higher sales productivity
  • Faster sales rep training
  • Vastly improved lead response
  • 100% of vital call data logged

iCracked, based in Silicon Valley, is the world’s largest and most efficient on-demand repair, trade-in and protection service for smartphones and tablets. Powering a network of more than 5,000 certified iTechs located around the country and abroad, these local technicians can be dispatched with the click of a button to respond to on-demand (and on-site) repair and trade-in requests. Through iCracked Advantage, the industry’s most affordable protection plan, users also have the security and assurance that their devices are always covered.

"Revenue.io has made our reps 40% more productive and given us the ability to respond to leads much faster than ever before. What’s more, Revenue.io’s extraordinary sales coaching tools have been integral to our new rep training program."

Jordan Chan, Head of Expansion & Analytics, iCracked


As iCracked expands their global market share, reps have received an increasingly high volume of inbound leads. In order to follow up with upwards of 400 inbound leads daily, iCracked reps needed to ensure that no leads were slipping through the cracks while simultaneously capturing all call data in Salesforce. iCracked chose Revenue.io to help reps keep pace with the high volume of inbound leads and win more customers in key markets.

Thanks to RingDNA, reps could click to dial leads directly from Salesforce and Gmail. Revenue.io also radically reduced the amount of time that reps spent logging call data in Salesforce manually. This led to a 40% productivity gain, empowering reps to qualify far more leads daily. By integrating Hubspot and Revenue.io with Salesforce, reps could also prioritize inbound leads based on score and alert reps, in real-time, to high-value inbound leads and ensure that reps quickly reach out to those leads. This integrated functionality helped ensure that the best leads were onboarded as iTechs in high-priority markets.

Revenue.io’s sales coaching suite helped iCracked quickly onboard and train new reps to effectively qualify leads. Model sales call recordings were added to a training repository that empowered new reps to learn how to optimally handle objections and on-board new iTechs. According to VP of Sales Evan Hanson, “Revenue.io’s coaching suite has been integral to our training program, and reps are now responding to inbound leads faster than ever before.”