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How BuildASign Moved From Desk Phones to Communications Hub with Revenue and Supercharged their Business


  • Could not manage what they could not measure: BuildASign was previously using traditional PBX desk phones across their account executive, business development, customer support, and canvassing teams, which made it increasingly difficult to track anything but a set of rudimentary metrics. The lack of insight hurt performance across key business units, including the Account Executive and Business Development teams. Ultimately, BuildASign knew they could grow revenue more if they addressed these root causes faster and gained more visibility into sales activities and performance.
  • Hours of lost productivity due to manual logging of activities: Because the previous phone system was not tied to their CRM Salesforce, the reps had to manually log activity data around call notes, signage requirements, and customer requests. This also led to data hygiene issues where data was sometimes inputted incorrectly or simply not keyed in at all.
  • Lack of actionable insights because of no real-time reporting: Without real-time activity logging and reporting, they relied on an analyst to run reports, which could take days to weeks, at which point the data would be potentially stale and not completely actionable.
  • Misalignment across business units resulted in slow lead response time and the inability to route leads to the right reps: With a high volume of prospects and customers coming inbound from their franchise accounts, they need a way to easily handle warm call transfers and a round robin business model. Their existing system was not working across customer support and sales to maximize speed to lead and customer response time.
  • The inability to accurately attribute leads from their multiple website properties made it difficult to track ROI and build a repeatable go-to-market strategy: BuildASign operates hundreds of web properties, most of which use phone numbers to drive leads to their business. Hundreds of websites meant they needed a smart way to generate many phone numbers that could help easily attribute leads from marketing campaigns and identify the source.


  • Automatic data logging and more productivity: With the ability to easily click to call and automatically log activities and customer information using RingDNA, the Revenue.io Global Communications Hub, managers are now able to get clean data and actionable insights and increase reps’ dials per day by over 2X.
  • More time spent on revenue-generating activities: Because reps are spending less time on manual data entry and other tasks that are now automated with Revenue.io, the business development reps spend that time on activities that impact the business positively, such as market research and prospecting.
  • Complete business visibility and real time insights: Rather than waiting days for the reports they needed, sales managers now have direct access in real-time to the metrics they were tracking, such as talk time, call queues, call distributions, and marketing campaigns. This empowers them to take action immediately right where they are working, in Salesforce. The turnkey reports in Salesforce that come with Revenue.io have also informed which metrics they now track, which has helped them associate actions to outcomes better and drive growth.
  • Alignment across inbound and outbound teams: With Revenue.io’s dynamic call routing, BuildASign is able to seamlessly transfer warm leads from their customer support team to their sales team using the round robin model they already have in place.
  • Clear attribution of leads to marketing campaigns and web properties: With Revenue.io’s Smart Numbers and Hot Leads, BuildASign is easily able to track lead source for all leads that come through one of their many websites, streamlining the lead flow and attribution process.


  • Expand adoption of ConversationAI: BuildASign plans on driving adoption and usage of Conversation Intelligence by Revenue.io in order to help their busy managers coach more effectively. “We know there is a lot of untapped potential there, with the ability for our reps to flag calls and managers to jump in to review,” says David.

BuildASign.com is an award-winning online custom printing provider of signage, apparel and home decor items. Since the company's inception in 2005, BuildASign.com has set out to empower every individual and business to connect with those that matter most to them. Their focus is making it easy and affordable for people to share their message or tell their story with custom and personalized products. They relentlessly innovate and improve to provide our customers with exceptional value and an experience that fosters a long-lasting relationship. Over the past 15 years, the Austin based company has grown to over 400 employees and has consistently been on Inc.’s 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies. BuildASign also operates EasyCanvasPrints.com and AlliedShirts.com.

"Revenue.io has been a game changer for our business. The Revenue.io platform ensures a seamless flow of sales activity data into Salesforce, eliminating manual sales activities. ConversationAI and call recordings have transformed our remote sales coaching."

David House, Senior Director, Enterprise Accounts at BuildASign.com