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BitBar Uses Revenue to Connect With and Convert More Customers


  • Increase the number and quality of sales conversations each day
  • Better handle inbound lead qualification and pass qualified leads to Account Execs
  • Create a culture of transparency for sales commissions via transparent sales data
  • Improve immediately by getting reps up and running on a new system ASAP


  • Revenue.io Local Presence for International Customers
  • RingDNA, the Revenue.io Global Communications Hub
  • Revenue.io Call Metrics for Salesforce


  • Instant rep onboarding, with no custom Salesforce implementation required
  • Connected with 60% more customers from outbound dials
  • 100% of the sales team’s call activities and call recordings available in Salesforce, regardless of whether reps are calling from their desk
  • Expanded Revenue.io usage with two additional orders

Helsinki-based Bitbar is a technology and services company that provides high-performance mobile software development and testing solutions based on widely adopted open standards. The company’s flagship cloud-based Android testing solution, Testdroid Cloud, is the first automated, real-time testing tool for mobile application developers.

"Revenue.io has been absolutely essential to our growth. Because we have a presence in both Europe and the U.S., we were relieved to find an inside sales solution that not only understood our needs as an international tech company, but also worked so seamlessly with Salesforce."

Jouko Kaasila, Founder/COO, BitBar

WHY Revenue.io?

Bitbar helps accelerate time to market and lowers costs of developing software on mobile platforms – from smartphones to tablet computers and even cameras. Like any other B2B tech company, the company’s inside sales reps need to be able to reach an increasing number of customers wherever they are on Earth and grow revenue month-over-month, while sales management needed to see rep sales activity in Salesforce in order to manage to metrics. Previously, the company was using cell phones and Skype, and was capturing no call data in Salesforce.

Revenue.io offered several clear advantages over other sales acceleration platforms. International Local Presence was a deciding factor, as was the ability to get up and running immediately without days or weeks of implementation time.

BitBar uses Revenue.io in:

  • Finland
  • France
  • United Kingdom United States