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If you’re like many sales prospectors, you power through a large list of leads, hit each lead once or twice, and then move on. But did you know that 80% of sales require at least 5 contacts to close a deal? The trouble is that only 10% of sales reps follow up with leads more than […]
I remember a time I was working at another company as an account executive (AE), when our sales development rep (SDR) transferred a call over to me out of the blue. There was no data about the prospect in in our CRM, so I didn’t know what solutions she was interested in buying, I didn’t […]
Sales managers should be doing everything in their power to help account executives (AEs) hit their quotas. Part of that is to craft a winning sales process for successfully handing leads that are qualified by your lead response or sales development reps. This requires great communication among your sales reps. Account executives need to know […]
The philosopher Socrates was famous for asking disciplined questions of his students in order to provoke thoughts, help them analyze concepts and get to the truth of issues. Socrates knew where he wanted his students to arrive. But rather than simply lecturing them, he realized that it was possible to lead students to an epiphany by asking a systematic […]
Leaving voicemails for prospects can be powerful in ways that sales reps can’t even comprehend. As an example, I recently received a voicemail from a sales rep at a company that sells software aimed at B2B content marketers like me. On his voicemail, he sounded engaging, knowledgeable about my industry and professional—the kind of person […]
In our last eBook, we asked 20 top sales leaders to reveal their biggest productivity secrets. Something that several of them mentioned was the power of breaking an inside sales team into specialized roles such as prospectors, inbound lead qualifiers and account executives. Many sales leaders agree that sales role specialization is the best way to […]
The demand for inside sales reps has been rapidly expanding, having climbed at least 54% since 2010. That being said, expect more competition than ever to hire experienced inside sales reps with proven histories of driving revenue. Most companies can’t afford to staff their entire sales team with veterans, and as a result, The Bridge […]
A new study by frequent HBR contributor & sales strategist Steve W. Martin concluded that only 57% of inside sales teams were “equipped with the sales strategies, tools and skills to exceed their numbers.” Martin compared this to outside field sales teams, which reported that 83% had what they needed. The definition of inside sales […]
“Sell high or die.” This phrase should be a mantra to all B2B salespeople. And when I say “sell high” I’m not talking about stocks. I mean that you need to take that figurative—or literal—elevator the C-Suite. Are the products you offer the best-in-class? Are your services superlative? Good. But that doesn’t matter at all unless […]