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A great sales operations manager or director of sales operations is nothing short of a superhero. More and more sales leaders are waking up to just how important a role sales operations has become. Just think of all the data involved in sales today. There’s prospect data that, when delivered in the right context, can […]
What’s the secret sauce to building an invincible sales team that routinely beats the competition? How can you motivate each rep to perform at their absolute best? I’ve spoken to several leaders of top performing sales organizations over the past few years, and they almost unanimously credit a powerful sales operations plan as the secret […]
Each day, we here at Revenue.io get to work with true sales heroes, ranging from the front line reps to global executives. One of my favorites are those sales leaders that are focused on sales enablement, defined as having to do with the processes, content, technologies and tools that improve the performance and productivity of the […]
It’s almost time for Dreamforce again, and this year I’m honored to be moderating two panels that are filled with top sales experts from some of the world’s most successful enterprise and growth-stage companies. Both panels are scheduled for Tuesday October 4, with each addressing a vital challenge that sales teams face today. Our first session is called Selling Globally: […]
I’ve been hearing more and more sales leaders discussing the importance of sales enablement lately. Sure, hiring the right inside sales reps will always be important. But I think that more sales organizations are starting to get hip to the fact that—in this highly competitive market—sales talent alone isn’t close to enough. Beyond talent, hustle and other […]
If you think of your entire sales organization as a car, then that car’s engine is your sales operations team. Even though it can’t be seen by drivers, it is working constantly to propel your sales teams forward to their goal. Your sales operations team’s job is not only to help sales run smoothly, but […]
When you’re a student passionate about a certain subject, you study hard, learn, practice and eventually gain a degree. Imagine these people are Salesforce Administrators. Post-graduate students go back to university to enhance their skills and gain a Masters and a PHD. They then, statistically, go on to work in better job roles and consequently […]
Ready to begin your journey as a Salesforce administrator? Here’s some sound advice from CASE Partners’ Salesforce Technical Lead and Salesforce MVP Maria Belli on the best places to get started. So you want to be a Salesforce Admin but don’t know where to start? Luckily for all of us, there are many, many wonderful resources available […]
The following guest post is by Dan O’Brien, marketing manager at Prialto. It originally appeared on Salesforce Ben, and is reprinted with the author’s permission.  Want to know how to optimize your new CRM setup? Start by finding a stellar CRM administrator on your team. Nearly 60% of Salesforce implementations are unsuccessful, always due in some […]
Sales operations professionals are often the unsung heroes of a sales team. Sure, you need seasoned closers to run deals into the end zone. But unless reps are using CRM properly and adhering to a sales process, deals that could have resulted in touchdowns will end up languishing near the 20-yard line. A great sales operations manager can make closing […]
Sales operations managers are often the sales profession’s unsung heroes. They’re tactical experts who solve process-related problems, identify and research tools, and implement solutions to help sales and marketing teams reach their full revenue-driving potential. If you haven’t already hired a great sales operations manager, chances are you may  need one soon. To find out more […]