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When it’s time to hire additional salespeople, it’s critical to include sufficient details to ensure you attract the best candidates. According to Gallup, today’s work environment means that you need to complete for employees as you do for customers. That’s why it’s important to focus on what potential new sales reps want from their work. […]
In the United States, the average employer spends 52 days and $4,000 to hire a single employee. Additionally, the average ramp time is 90 days. Now add the cost of time spent by executives, managers, and HR staff during the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding process, and the money and time invested can become even greater. […]
If you’ve been tasked with hiring sales reps, you’ve likely already faced the reality that it’s getting harder and harder to hire reps with proven sales experience. A lot of the sales leaders we’ve worked with here at Revenue.io have told us that competition to recruit reps has grown so fierce that they are hiring […]
If you’re like many sales leaders, you’re feeling the pressure to onboard and ramp up a sales team quickly. It can be tempting to hire any rep who seems reasonably intelligent and likable. And sure, the right sales coaching and sales tools can help most reps perform better. But that doesn’t mean you should hire every […]
Even LeBron James was a rookie once. But before he ever played a professional game, I remember hearing stories that experts thought that, in high school, he was as good as Michael Jordan was at that age. Sure, you can’t always predict who will pan out to be an all-star (a lot of experts had high hopes […]
What’s the single most important factor contributing to B2B sales success? A first-rate product, highly targeted data and top sales technologies are essential, to be sure. But even the best sales stacks won’t help subpar sales talent. Hiring and training the right talent has never been more important or difficult. Most newly hired sales reps […]
Sales Hiring Is Broken Let me know if this sounds familiar. At my last company, we had to build out our sales team and scale very quickly. We had no benchmark, no structured interviews and, quite honestly, no idea how to hire for our team. We would actually hire two reps at once, praying one […]