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Context for Sales Conversations For sales managers with Salesforce, lead status can only tell you so much about about the state of the prospect interaction. When you need real insights into a relationship with a contact, the progress of a discussion, or where things left off, you have to read the call notes. The call […]
When you’re reaching out to new prospects via telephone, there is little room for error. You only have, at most, a minute to convince a prospect to stay on the phone. So how can you get prospects to not only stay on the phone, but engage them enough to convert them into buyers? The answer is that […]
One of the best things about being in the sales profession is how much brilliant thought leadership is readily available. Some of the world’s top sales leaders are more than willing to share best practices with improvement-minded reps. And while the vast majority of tips, tactics and recommendations I see are beneficial, there are still […]
Thurs., July 31st, 2014 at 2:00PM ET / 11:00AM PT Leaving a great voicemail that actually inspires prospects to respond can be one of the hardest tasks in inside sales. But the truth is that with the right approach, sales voicemails can be measured, coached and optimized. We’re excited to be teaming up with RingLead for a […]
If you knew more about who was calling, could you be more successful? That’s the question we ask sales agents before showing off Revenue.io’s amazing inbound calling features. A similar question could have been posed to hiring managers years ago when LinkedIn was new (“if you knew more about your candidates, could you hire better […]