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If content isn’t already the king of your marketing department, it might be high time to schedule a coronation. New data from Hubspot shows that inbound marketing (i.e. social media, blogging, SEO copywriting and other content creation efforts) can not only generate more leads than outbound efforts, but also deliver a lower cost-per-lead (CPL). Hubspot’s […]
As a marketer who previously worked as an inside sales rep, I have some personal insight into why friction can develop between these two departments. I only needed to type “why Sales h-” into Google and the first autofill suggestion was “why sales hates marketing.” The web is brimming with literature on the subject. But […]
Author Robert Louis Stevenson once stated that “everyone lives by selling something.”  No matter the products or services you’re selling, sell them better and you’re likely to live better. When formulating an ideal sales strategy, what you are selling matters less than to whom you are selling. Namely, are you targeting consumers (B2C) or other […]