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Each day, LinkedIn prompts each of us to “say congrats” on someone’s new job. Directors become VPs,  VPs become CXOs, and CEOs found new companies. The changes accompanying executive role shifts is much like what happens when coaches leave one team for another, or a political leader takes power. Entire systems of operations change, as […]
Successful inside sales reps find themselves wearing many hats. During prospecting you take on the role of a private investigator. When sending follow-up emails, you must weigh each word carefully like a poet. But the best sales reps are also much like behavioral psychologists, acquiring data about the way prospects operate and searching for patterns. […]
The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This simple fact, that we were told countless times as children, might just hold the secret to outbound sales success. Think about it – would you rather call a key decision maker directly, or go through a switchboard?  Sales data from Vorsight, a company that […]
Premature obituaries have been written about business practices ranging from email to tweeting, but perhaps none more so than outbound calling as a sales model. Proving the naysayers wrong, not only has inside sales hiring  been on the rise recently, but new research shows that outbound calling as a sales strategy is more successful than […]
How much time are your sales reps wasting preparing for calls? According to a new CSO Insights study, sales reps are spending 20% of their time researching prospects themselves. That’s a full workday each week, and 52 days-per-year. While sales research isn’t exactly a waste of time, one fact remains: every moment that reps spend […]
Despite analyst predictions that it would be extinct by now, the outbound sales campaign is alive and well. According to BridgeGroup, inside sales jobs – sometimes called “sales lead generation” jobs – are up by 54%. You didn’t really think that all those inside sales reps were taking inbound calls all day, did you?  Well, they […]
Are you still just using LinkedIn to plan happy hour excursions with your former co-workers? New evidence from HBR shows that LinkedIn is much more than just a social network for the career-minded. It’s a powerful tool that top sales reps are already using to generate revenue. The HBR study interviewed both inside sales reps […]