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Does your sales team spend way too much time chasing small deals? Have you become too reliant on inbound lead quality? If so, I have good news – on Tuesday May 19, I’ll be moderating the How to Close Bigger Deals Webinar that will reveal proven ways to blow up the size and scope of your sales […]
In many business-to-consumer (B2C) industries—such as the insurance industry—pricing is everything. But if you’re in B2B sales, and your deals are consistently being won or lost based solely on price, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re consistently having to undercut your competitors’ pricing, then you’re probably telling the wrong sales stories. Here’s the truth: customers […]
So, how are your outbound sales prospecting efforts going? Is your team able to reach most or all of your target accounts? Are you able to find target accounts before your competitors do? Are they driving at least 65% of your business revenue? If there’s still room for improvement, I hope you’ll join us for an incredible webinar on […]
We recently hosted an incredible webinar on outbound sales prospecting that casted light on just how important sales prospecting is to maintaining a healthy B2B sales pipeline (highly recommended for anyone looking to up their game, and available on demand here). Here are some awesome stats that we uncovered in our webinar that show exactly how much […]
Revenue.io CEO, Howard Brown, joined our friends AG Salesworks for “ProspectingChat on Twitter. This edition of #ProspectingChat, focused specifically on inbound prospecting techniques. At first glance, “inbound prospecting” might seem like an oxymoron. When most people think of sales prospecting, they think about outbound prospecting techniques like building lead lists or cold calling. But more and more sales […]
If you’re like many sales prospectors, you power through a large list of leads, hit each lead once or twice, and then move on. But did you know that 80% of sales require at least 5 contacts to close a deal? The trouble is that only 10% of sales reps follow up with leads more than […]
Sales development reps (SDRs) are an essential component of an inside sales team. They are hunters, navigating through uncharted territory, capturing leads with laser-targeted sales pitches. Great SDRs can open opportunities into new business that would have otherwise flown far under your company’s radar. But you’ve heard the phrase “Always Be Closing?” Make no mistake about it: SDRs should […]
Sales development reps (SDRs) are often tasked with hunting prospects within target accounts or industries. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter may be the most effective hunting grounds for these valuable contacts. According to Sales Benchmark Index, sales reps using social media can connect with 3.6x more key decision makers than reps who don’t use social […]
A dedicated team of sales development reps (SDRs) might be the quickest way to scale your business. An SDR (also known as a sales prospector) is a rep that focuses solely on searching for new sales leads. An SDR’s only mission is to find new leads  and convert them into sales opportunities. They don’t follow […]
Last July, we revealed some secrets that can help inside sales reps leave killer voicemail messages. But I want to revisit that topic because since then, we’ve  had the opportunity to speak with some top sales trainers about their voicemail optimization secrets. Like many sales reps, I once believed that the perfect voicemail was the one that […]
If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s when I hear sales reps calling under the guise of “just calling to check in,” or “just calling to say hi.” Sales reps take note: if you don’t give your prospects a clear, justifiable reason for calling, the conversation is over before it started. In order to […]
Top B2B sales reps have already discovered how valuable LinkedIn can be during B2B sales prospecting. Best-selling author and top sales strategist Jill Konrath reported that reps can massively accelerate their sales pipeline by spending less than an hour a day using LinkedIn. In fact, Konrath states that LinkedIn offers better sales ROI than any other […]