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Do you have millennial salespeople on your team? Do they refuse to do anything except use social media and LinkedIn for business development? Here’s how to help them execute a comprehensive prospecting strategy—both offline and online. Millennials Don’t Cold Call I’ve heard this from many frustrated sales managers. “I hired this new salesperson with great […]
Since releasing our Complete Guide to Inside Sales Analytics, I’ve had some time to reflect on what the most important sales metric is. While there are dozens of metrics that I believe sales leaders must track in order to succeed, one metric keeps sticking out in my mind, and it’s a fairly simple one: sales conversations […]
In my experience, one of the biggest differences between successful and unsuccessful sales reps has been the amount of sales conversations that they have each day. A lot of work goes into having a single successful sales conversation. The most successful reps follow up relentlessly, leverage tools to connect with more prospects and can keep qualified prospects on […]
Tell me if this sounds familiar: a newly hired sales rep spends a week or a few studying your sales playbook, then jumps on a phone call. The call is terrible. When so much is wrong with a phone call, do you address style, substance, personalization, opening remarks, the ask, closing remarks, or what? And […]
I can’t stress how important writing great emails are to succeeding as an SDR. Prospecting emails have to be great because you not only want to provoke a reply, but it’s also a branding exercise. Prospective customers may not be familiar with your company, and a great email can help shape their impression. I recently blogged […]
One of the best things about being in the sales profession is how much brilliant thought leadership is readily available. Some of the world’s top sales leaders are more than willing to share best practices with improvement-minded reps. And while the vast majority of tips, tactics and recommendations I see are beneficial, there are still […]
Sending mass emails should be Marketing’s job. Salespeople need to build relationships. With that in mind, I’m going to share with you a shining example of a sales rep who did just that. The best sales email that I received all year was from Adam Brophy over at UberFlip. Not only did I respond to Adam’s […]
Are you still waiting around for all your leads to find you? If so, you may be making a grave mistake. Because most purchases aren’t planned. Your best leads aren’t necessarily going to find you. And without a fully equipped outbound prospecting team, you could be leaving thousands of dollars in potential revenue on the table. Not […]
Bad news: outbound reach rates are at an all-time low. According to research from TOPO, it now takes 18 or more dials to connect with a prospect over the phone, and call-back rates are below 1%. It’s not difficult to see why. When the phone rings and you see a number you don’t recognize, you probably let it go […]
If you’re tasked with outbound sales, connecting with newly hired executives should be your number one priority. Why would you want to do this? It seems almost counterintuitive that you’d want to reach out to a newly hired exec. After all, they haven’t found their rhythm yet, they’re bound to be swamped as they get acclimated, […]
Desktop notifications  are an absolute productivity killer for 99% of people on this planet, and the same is true for about half of sales reps. But for certain types of reps – namely lead qualification reps and account executives – desktop notifications can be a GODSEND. Why? Because desktop notifications can be one of the most powerful […]
One of the most important aspects of outbound sales is ensuring that you have a steady stream of new leads to go after. For many reps, this entails networking with close friends and colleagues in order to drum up new business opportunities. But according to Sales Engine’s CEO Craig Wortmann, most sales reps are approaching networking […]