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Your weeks are jam packed and you’re challenged to squeeze in the amount of individual coaching that you know you should. The ever growing size of the typical sales team certainly doesn’t help. The Bridge Group found that the average manager to rep ratio increased by 12%, to 8 reps per manager.  Do you spend […]
Imagine that you’re an inside sales rep at a B2B company. You’ve exchanged a couple of emails with a key decision maker, and she invited you to give her a call. You’re pumped up with adrenaline, ready to convince her that buying your company’s software solution will be the best investment she’ll ever make. After […]
Imagine you’re buying a new car. The salesperson recommends a hybrid model, but your friend Al, who you know to be an electric car enthusiast, had already told you to get a different model. Who would you be more likely to trust? Sure, the salesperson might know a lot about cars too, but how can […]