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B2B marketers often spend hours creating fantastic collateral such as blogs, ebooks, decks and case studies. Sure, this content can be great for generating new leads. But savvy marketers know that sales reps can be using this same content to actually move deals forward. B2B marketers commonly gripe about salespeople not using their content. But […]
I’ve found that no two inside sales teams are exactly alike. Each sales teams follows divergent sales processes, use different tools and care about different metrics. But one of the reasons that Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM is because it was designed to be customized to meet different sales teams’ needs. Not only does the CRM platform […]
Visual search and knowledge platform Docurated has released a new infographic detailing the state of sales productivity for 2015. The infographic, which stems from the visual search and knowledge platform’s survey of 127 sales and marketing executives, highlights the importance of improving sales productivity. We also think it reveals some powerful opportunities for sales teams to drive more revenue this year. […]