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If your sales reps are working in Google Chrome, there are some enormous opportunities to accelerate sales by leveraging Chrome extensions. I personally love using Chrome extensions because they have a nice way of fitting in seamlessly with my workflow, yet simultaneously improving it. Here are six great ones: Assistant.to Free or Paid: Free Scheduling meetings […]
Today, if you want to see better sales and marketing results, it’s often as simple as getting better tools. However, assembling a marketing and sales stack can be overwhelming. There are a lot of sales and marketing processes that can be automated and accelerated. But you can’t buy them all, and wouldn’t want to, since not all sales […]
Is Q&A platform Quora the most underrated social platform for sales prospectors? According to Datanyze’s co-Founder Ben Sardella it just might be! In a recent webinar that we hosted, Ben advocated using Quora for lead generation and explained how to do it. With just a bit of effort, your business development team can source sales ready-leads. […]
I don’t think anyone ever claimed that prospecting for new B2B leads is an easy task. At any given time, it can be a difficult to know the best prospects to reach out to. I recently had the pleasure of helping to organize a fantastic webinar on B2B sales prospecting. Panelist Ben Sardella, co-founder of Datanyze, […]