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The following guest post is by Dan O’Brien, marketing manager at Prialto. If increasing your sales revenue depends on referrals, then you need to focus on building trust. When people trust you, they will refer opportunities to you. While trust is a broad and expansive concept, potential referrers only need to think about it in […]
Above virtually anything else, establishing credibility is the key to being a successful salesperson. People almost always prefer to buy from brands and individuals that they trust. They are often even willing to pay more to deal with trustworthy vendors. As an example, my mom always takes her car to be serviced at the Toyota dealership. […]
In many business-to-consumer (B2C) industries—such as the insurance industry—pricing is everything. But if you’re in B2B sales, and your deals are consistently being won or lost based solely on price, you’re doing something wrong. If you’re consistently having to undercut your competitors’ pricing, then you’re probably telling the wrong sales stories. Here’s the truth: customers […]