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Sales call recordings are an excellent tool for coaching reps. Not only are they beneficial for the sales department – marketing teams can gain plenty of insights from listening to these valuable real-life interactions. In fact, our sales team regularly shares calls with us (thanks Sam and Anna!) for all of the following reasons: Listening […]
Dashboards and analytics give sales managers, sales coaches, and marketers a great deal of insight into the performance of reps, but sometimes there’s really no substitute for actually listening to phone calls. Call recordings allow managers to listen on their own schedule, instead of wasting time randomly listening to live calls with the hope of […]
In the world of sales, call recording can be a touchy subject. Some management teams are incredibly passionate about utilizing them as they feel it gives them insight into their sales reps’ day-to-day activities. However, some management teams might worry that their sales reps will feel micromanaged if their calls are recorded. If that’s the […]
Is your sales organization truly optimized to transform inbound leads into customers through inbound sales? If you sell products or services over the phone, chances are that you have a marketing team working in overdrive to generate a steady stream of inbound leads. Marketers spend long hours investing in ads and creating content that inspires […]
Sales development reps (SDRs) find themselves in a challenging situation when they are asked to prospect for new leads across a diverse cross-section of industries. The problem? Every industry has also has its own language. Unless you are (at least somewhat) fluent in that language, it can be nearly impossible to sell into any industry but your […]