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I’ve found that no two inside sales teams are exactly alike. Each sales teams follows divergent sales processes, use different tools and care about different metrics. But one of the reasons that Salesforce is the world’s leading CRM is because it was designed to be customized to meet different sales teams’ needs. Not only does the CRM platform […]
As the year draws to its close, I know that a lot of sales managers are looking at their numbers thinking, “I wish my team closed more revenue this year.” In fact, I’m guessing that if you’re a great sales manager, no matter how well your team did, you’re wondering where there are opportunities to […]
Expect a barrage of companies to begin investing in apps that increase sales reps’ and call center agents’ productivity! The latest data from Bluewolf’s extensive annual State of Salesforce report indicates that the future for these apps is “On Fire.” Things are just getting started, with only 16% of companies have adopted apps from App Exchanged designed to increase agent […]