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Cold calls are one of the most ubiquitous, debated, and disliked activities within sales. It’s very rare when someone actually wants to be cold-called, and very few salespeople actually like making them. Because of this, cold calling is often overlooked or avoided (especially when your team doesn’t have any excellent cold calling scripts at their […]
All business people face increasing demands for time. Naturally, that means the people you are selling to don’t always want to be on the phone with you. However, if you can guarantee an enjoyable interaction each and every time you speak with your prospects, they will want to spend more and more time with you. […]
Is Q&A platform Quora the most underrated social platform for sales prospectors? According to Datanyze’s co-Founder Ben Sardella it just might be! In a recent webinar that we hosted, Ben advocated using Quora for lead generation and explained how to do it. With just a bit of effort, your business development team can source sales ready-leads. […]
I don’t think anyone ever claimed that prospecting for new B2B leads is an easy task. At any given time, it can be a difficult to know the best prospects to reach out to. I recently had the pleasure of helping to organize a fantastic webinar on B2B sales prospecting. Panelist Ben Sardella, co-founder of Datanyze, […]
Here at Revenue.io, one question we get asked all the time is whether or not outbound sales is dying. My response is always the same: outbound prospecting can be just as powerful as ever, but yesterday’s prospecting tactics just aren’t going to work on today’s B2B buyers. Maybe your prospects aren’t picking up their phones as much […]