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Success Story: Rich Uncles and Revenue

2 min readNovember 15, 2019

About the REIT Industry

A REIT, or real estate investment trust, is a company that owns, and usually operates income-producing real estate. These real estate assets can be nearly any type of property, including regular homes, apartment/condo buildings, hotels, commercial, office, retail, warehouses, and even student and affordable units.

REITs take investor money and apply it to funds, which then invest in properties. Money made on the properties is then returned to the investors. There are more than 1,100 REITs in the United States, all of varying sizes, including 250 which are public.

About Rich Uncles

Rich Uncles has a special mission, as it was founded to make real estate investing more accessible, easier, and less expensive. The Uncles team considers themselves trusted stewards of their investors’ hard-earned money, a humbling responsibility that they take very seriously.

Doesn’t everyone wish they had a rich uncle to help them get started in investing? Unlike most REITs that require a high initial investment, and work with their investors through a third-party broker, Rich Uncles’s initial investment is extremely low, and they work directly with investors, eliminating the middle man. Rich Uncles then collects rent from the tenants of their investment properties and distributes it to shareholders monthly.

Finding and using Revenue.io

Since Rich Uncles uses a direct to investor model, they needed a reliable sales solution to they could efficiently capture accurate information and notes surrounding their phone calls with current and potential investors. They needed a way for reps to record notes, call outcomes, and schedule the next steps that would not interrupt their workflow and allow them to talk with more investors.

Rich Uncles also had difficulties with prior applications that had incomplete or unreliable integrations with Salesforce, leading to incomplete records or inaccessible data that required time and effort to fix. The incomplete data also made it difficult to create accurate sales forecasts.

Rich Uncles and Revenue.io

“The Revenue.io team has been phenomenal. It’s definitely a partnership, they want to come alongside, they want to help figure out what things they can do to increase our productivity.” – Timothy Trainor, VP of Sales Operations

With Revenue.io’s intelligentDialer and second-to-none Salesforce integration, Rich Uncles is now not only able to capture call data and mores more efficiently, but 100% of that information is also instantly logged to Salesforce for accurate reporting and sales forecasting. With this and other key Revenue.io features, Rich Uncles is able to achieve a 25 percent conversion rate.

Read the full Rich Uncles case study to see how.