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New research by CSO Insights shows that 42% of salespeople don’t feel like they have the right information before calling prospects. This is especially true of inside sales reps who are handed a list of leads to call. Many reps who find themselves in this situation simply call down the list, hoping for the best. […]
How much time are your sales reps wasting preparing for calls? According to a new CSO Insights study, sales reps are spending 20% of their time researching prospects themselves. That’s a full workday each week, and 52 days-per-year. While sales research isn’t exactly a waste of time, one fact remains: every moment that reps spend […]
Our desire to collaborate with our fellow human beings is built into our genetics. In fact, evolutionary anthropologists recently discovered that young humans prefer to work together to solve problems, while chimpanzees do not exhibit such a preference. It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child, and in B2B sales, […]
Nothing has the power to influence your professional image more than the content you share in your LinkedIn status update. Don’t believe me? Think about it – most people in your network will look at your LinkedIn profile page once, and then forget you exist for a while. On the other hand, everyone in your […]
While the cold call has hardly disappeared from inside sales, social media tools such as LinkedIn give you the ability to warm up cold calls with research. While the uninitiated might view LinkedIn as a networking site for those seeking jobs, seasoned sales pros are already finding that LinkedIn can drive revenue when used as […]
According to Gartner, businesses are spending $12 billion each year on customer relationship management (CRM) systems worldwide. But far too often, these systems are underused. This is often due to the difficulty involved in leveraging CRM in the field. Fortunately, CRM is being revolutionized by the mobile promise, “there’s an app for that.” Third-party mobile […]
Are you still just using LinkedIn to plan happy hour excursions with your former co-workers? New evidence from HBR shows that LinkedIn is much more than just a social network for the career-minded. It’s a powerful tool that top sales reps are already using to generate revenue. The HBR study interviewed both inside sales reps […]
  IBM is just the latest business to discover how powerful social media can be as a lead generation tool. A buyer preference study revealed that one third of B2B buyers are currently using social media to make purchasing decisions. This number is only going to grow. The study indicates that 75% of respondents are […]
Customers continue to change the way that they research, test and buy products. Independent research and due diligence has never been more important. Social channels such as Quora, LinkedIn Answers & Groups, and Twitter are filling this need, as customers often seek independent advice prior to making contact with a sales rep. It looks like […]
  As Marc Benioff made clear during the Dreamforce conference keynote last week, Salesforce.com is highly focused on the power of mobile and social media for business transformation. Benioff sees social media as the latest in a “continuum of innovation” that began with the mainframe revolution in the 1970s, personal computers in the 1980s, the […]
It’s amazing how quickly perceptions change. When we showed early versions of Revenue.io’s ability to integrate a contact’s social streams from Twitter and Facebook and news sources, the value from a sales perspective was immediately apparent. Still, there were lingering worries that this whole “social media thing” might still be fleeting. Salesforce.com’s declaration of the […]