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Understanding Salesforce Users’ behavior is like a Countdown conundrum – you can never really unscramble all the data quickly enough to get the winning answer. As a CRM software initially designed for Sales teams, the majority of the Salesforce features are focused on arming salespeople with the toolkit they need to hit targets and, ultimately, […]
Imagine someone interrupts your busy day with a phone call. They don’t greet you by name or ask how you are, they go straight into pushing a product on you that doesn’t solve any of the problems that you’re currently facing, They haven’t asked you any questions, they’ve just spoken. By the end of it, […]
When you’re a student passionate about a certain subject, you study hard, learn, practice and eventually gain a degree. Imagine these people are Salesforce Administrators. Post-graduate students go back to university to enhance their skills and gain a Masters and a PHD. They then, statistically, go on to work in better job roles and consequently […]