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Learning to create strong, unique voicemails is highly advantageous for SDRs, AEs and CSMs alike. Specifically, personalizing your voicemail drops is a fantastic way to enhance your sales strategy and stand out amongst your competitors. And yet, many sales reps report struggling with this task.  We at Revenue.io understand the challenges of producing perfect voicemails, […]
Maintaining strong and positive relationships with your customers is key to account management. Breaking the fourth wall, so to speak, and showing your customers that they are interacting with a living, breathing individual can break tension and increase customer satisfaction.  There are many ways to foster this kind of relationship, and in today’s world, text […]

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Jordan RosenbergContent Marketing InternRevenue.io

Jordan Rosenberg is a Content Marketing Intern at Revenue.io, where she writes content such as infographics, blog posts, and emails for various marketing campaigns. Jordan comes from a background in theater and playwriting, where she developed a character-driven approach to writing. She currently lives in Rhode Island.